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SpeeCo's LS401628BB 28 Ton log splitter is equipped with a Briggs & Stratton 1450 OHV engine to deliver maximum splitting force. A global leader in log splitting technology, SpeeCo offers the best features in the industry, making splitting wood quicker, easier and safer!


  • Horizontal or vertical splitting
  • Engineered cylinder connection for increased strength
  • Engineered solid steel foot piece
  • Heavy duty hydraulic cylinder producing maximum splitting force
  • Reinforced stripper plates remove stuck logs
  • Large hydraulic fill cap
  • Shielded wedge & channel beam design for safe operation and clean splitting action
  • Wide log cradle making splitting wood quicker, easier and safer
  • Only one moving bolt and no shims
  • Drain plug
  • Road tires for towing
  • Compatible with certain accessories

Product Specs

This items is dropshipped from the manufacturer and can take 2-3 weeks to process and 3-5 days to ship.

We are an authorized Speeco Dealer and have access to their full product line. If you need info and pricing on other items feels free to contact us:

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by Dave
on 12/12/2013
1 st class
Ordered by phone, sent check, delivered on time, easy assembly, splitter works great--------life is good. Thanks.
by Joe
on 1/30/2012
28 ton speeco
First things first Rock is a first class dude got the splitter to me a week early. Now the splitter, well let's put it this way you could go to your nearest home improvement store and get there under powered garbage for 1500 bucks and replace the cylinder every 5 cords or for one or two hunder more get the real deal I have used them all really good splitters and the cheap ones all in all it is a great machine its fast,strong and well built
by Marc
on 1/20/2012
Speeco 28 ton review
I purchased this and had it in a little over a week. There were numerous paint drips and the decals were crooked and ripped in several places. Not a big deal but worth noting if you are in to that sort of thing. Overall the welds looked ok although there was porosity in several of them. The oil filter is in an exposed location and the hose clamps and return lines are low buck. Assembled the splitter and fired it up. The Briggs motor is what you would expect. It works but it's not a Honda. I did not pay for the Honda though. Put the first piece in and it went in 1/2". Tried another with the same result. So called rock who put me in contact with kent at customer service. Kent had me do some field tests that proved inconclusive so it needed to go into the service center. There was no offer of picking it up. It was on me to drive 3 hours to drop it off. So after 2 weeks without the splitter I get a call that it's done. So 3 more hours in the truck and the splitter works as it should. They replaced the control valve. So I am out 80 in gas, 6 hours of my time and I did not get to use the splitter for 2 weeks. This is a brand new splitter. Speeco took care of the problem but their customer service is lacking. And if you are in California, find out where the nearest service center is before you cut that check. You may end up paying a lot in gas and time for this machine Note from Rock: To help offset the expenses incurred for the repair I am sending Mark a free log splitter cover.
by Tim
on 11/22/2011
Nice tool
I've had my speeco for about 2 weeks and have really enjoyed using it. Easy to start. I've split around 12 cords in between rain storms. It is really a back saver and can plow through some knarly chunks. I read a post on the tractorbynet forum that recomended a tow behind as opposed to one that hooks up to your tractor. That was good advice as I used my tractor to shuffle the wood around and the splitter stayed fairly stationary. I can wrestle it around by myself if necessary. Rock is a straight shooter. He lets you know the schedule. Tim
by Jeff
on 10/26/2011
Great splitter and customer service
I purchased my Speeco 28-ton splitter from Rock at Omni not only because he had the best price hands-down, but he took the time to answer all my questions and he was very informative. Living near Golden,CO where the Speeco company is located, I picked it up (crated) at the plant. Once I got it home and unpacked it, I noticed a section of the B&S engine that was sheared off. I immediately called Speeco and they had me come back to the plant right away and swap out the engine and hydraulic reservoir for another one. They felt very badly for my inconvenience and threw in a log cradle for my trouble (I didn't even have to ask!) The folks at Speeco were fantastic to deal with, just like Rock was. Needless to say, this log splitter is incredible ... goes through wood like a hot knife through butter. Clearly built very well. Makes log splitting fun! I highly recommend it.
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